Think you have something to contribute to Why So Well? Wonderful! I’d love to hear your ideas on how to expand the health & wellness conversation.

I’m always looking for great content to fit into the following categories: 

Mind These posts can cover anything from meditation to mental health. All things that help keep our minds healthy, focused, and productive are welcome here.

Body Fitness, body positivity, and seasonal tips and tricks are just some of the areas that can be covered in this category.

Fuel Let’s talk about what fuels our mind, body, and soul! Anything ranging from recipes, nutritional tips or the latest food craze can work here.

The Facts Here’s where we get a little more technical. “The Facts” explores health and wellness trends and news that leads us to explore our health on a deeper level.


Minimum length is ~ 600 words.

No previously submitted posts, please!

Please review my existing content to match the subject and tone of Why So Well.

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