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How to Beat Early SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) Symptoms

September 22nd marks the first day of fall. It’s time to break out the warmer clothes, enjoy the cooler weather and finally take advantage of all of those soup and stew recipes you’ve been collecting during the past several months.

Unfortunately, for many, the end of summer also carries with it the beginning of Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD. What is SAD and how can you beat these early symptoms before they grow into something much more difficult to handle?

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Can You Spare 5 Minutes a Day? How Time Spent Reading or Journaling Can Help You Relax

Keeping a journal is a great way to unwind and reflect on life, with research showing that journaling can be great for stress reduction, as well as improved problem-solving and self-esteem. It’s also one of the more flexible hobbies you can take up, as it can be done anywhere and anytime with simply a writing tool and journal. Plus, even a few minutes’ worth of reading or journaling has benefits, requiring very little in terms of time consumption.

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3 Simple Ways To Work Meditation Into Your Daily Routine

Many don’t believe in meditation until they try it. Being Zen isn’t only for mastermind yogis. You have to find your style. Feeling comfortable in your skin and simply relaxing is more challenging than most realize, since daily life is often spent rushing on a ticking clock.

Meditation is a powerful tool to shift your perspective and enhance your mood. You may not feel motivated to sit on a cushion and chant mantras, but there are simple ways to work meditation into your daily life.

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How to Improve Your Morning Routine

Every morning is filled with the promise of a new day, a chance to start anew, a fresh lease on life. Not to mention exhaustion. Mornings are also filled with exhaustion.

Why? Turns out we make the same common mistakes pretty much every day, starting with going to bed too late and continuing into choices in the morning that can sabotage the rest of the day.

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