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3 Ways Caffeine Is Good and Bad for You

Everybody’s heard the terrible things coffee can — allegedly — do to you. From stunted growth to abnormal heart rate, this addictive beverage is sometimes even jokingly referred to alongside cigarettes. That is, of course, because of the caffeine. Caffeine, like nicotine, is a fairly addictive stimulant. As with many substances, overuse can have some unpleasant side effects, including diminishing returns in the stimulation, resulting in further overuse.

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4 Treats That Won’t Mess up Your Summer Bod Plans

Chocolate, ice cream, chips and dip, oh my! Chocolate, ice cream, chips and dip, oh my! Chocolate…

That’s the sound of longing during a restrictive fast or renewed plan to make your summer bod happen this time. You’ve been working out, planning your meals and measuring your success.

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Healthy One-Pot Recipes for One (Or Two)

We can all agree, the most unpleasant thing to do after a hard day at work is cooking a single, solitary meal for yourself and having to do the cleanup afterward. You could work around this by doing all your meal prep on one day, but then you’d have to eat the same food for a week. Not exactly enjoyable or healthy.

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Trends That Are Ruining Our Relationship With Food

Whether it’s through peer pressure, social media or fad diets, we’re constantly being faced with things ruining our relationship with food. It’s totally fine to want to be healthy and eat right, but we shouldn’t be ashamed of eating a cupcake, either. Watch out for these trends so you can avoid damaging the relationship you have with food.

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The Best Ways to Meal Prep Work Lunches

As a working professional, you most likely suffer from an increasingly common ailment: lunchtime dread. You want to have a healthy meal to look forward to at work, but you don’t want to spend your entire lunch break — and savings account — on eating out every day.

On the flip side, you don’t want to waste all your free time prepping extravagant meals.

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6 Delicious (&Healthy) Holiday Side Dishes

Some people hear “healthy” and think bland and boring. But you know better.

So you may want to keep it to yourself this holiday season when you end up serving the healthy side dishes. There is so much flavor packed into these small but mighty side dishes that no one will know you’ve got their best health interests at heart.

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5 Healthy Fall Foods You Need to Stock up On

As the weather cools and you spend more time inside, it can be tempting to go into full-on nesting mode. You tend to become less active as the available daylight shortens. Who wants to go for a run or drive to the gym in the dark?

Unpacking the bulky sweaters and putting away the swimsuits might just be a tempting reason to give up on a healthy eating routine, too. After all, no one is going to be able to tell if there are a few extra pounds anyway, right?

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Is Your Smoothie as Healthy as You Think?

You would think that fresh fruit pureed into delicious perfection is a go-to for anyone who wants a lighter, healthier choice. Maybe you want to lose a few pounds, or maybe you keep your fabulous figure — so you drink a smoothie for breakfast, and you’re good to go.

But is your smoothie actually healthy? Here are three questions to ask yourself to make sure your smoothie gives you the benefits you seek.

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