5 Important Things You’re Forgetting To Do In The Morning For Your Health

Unless you’re naturally a morning person, getting a good routine going can be difficult. Some mornings you want to spend more time in the shower, and others you might not feel like showering at all. It’s better for your mind and body to establish a solid, healthy morning routine that you complete regularly. But if you don’t have a routine already, how do you know where to start?

Check out a few easy tips on what to include in your new morning routine that’ll help you feel refreshed and ready to go by the time you head out the front door. Ultimately, your body will feel better and work better because you tried something new, which will make you happier all day long.

Eat Breakfast

It’s the morning advice you’ve heard all your life and always found a reason to ignore it: you need to eat breakfast every morning! You weren’t just told this so you wouldn’t waste your oatmeal or ignore the eggs on your plate. Breakfast actually benefits your body, especially in the morning.

By loading up on some delicious food, your body will have the fuel it needs to get your mind moving and blood pumping. You’ll find that you wake up faster and become more focused, which is especially good for that morning commute. Start out with a small breakfast to introduce your body to eating so early, and gradually increase what you eat from there until you find a happy medium.

Drink Lemon Water

Definitely drink this before that morning coffee. Lemon water sounds like something you’d only drink at a fancy restaurant or if you were on a diet, but that isn’t true. Drinking a regular glass of lemon-infused water will boost your immune system, so it’s a great drink to add to your routine before that fall flu starts spreading around the office. Can’t drink it straight? Make a gallon ahead of time by boiling water and stirring sugar until it melts, then add lemon until you have the flavor you like.

Take Care Of Your Teeth

Granted, you’re probably already taking care of your teeth on some level, but have you ever thought about what kind of care is best in the morning? Think deeper than just about flossing and brushing. Switch your toothpaste to a desensitizing one for the mornings, so your teeth will have reduced nerve pain for those moments when you need to sip that hot coffee or chilled drink.

Exercise A Bit

The morning is the best time to try and knock out things that take up your time later in the day. Exercise is one of those things that is best done before you head to work. Not only will it free up your afternoon, but it’ll also allow you to take advantage of increased hormone levels that help build muscle mass. You’ll get better workout results and more time to do what you love during the evening.

Meditate For A Moment

Once you’re done exercising and drinking your lemon water, don’t forget to meditate. Once your day really gets going, you’ll have a million different things running through your mind up until you fall asleep again. Find a quiet corner to sit in and focus on what your goals are and how your strengths will help you achieve them. When you inevitably end up stressing out later on, you can remember your positive thoughts from earlier and have an easier time centering yourself in the midst of your work.

Everyone focuses on improving their health a bit differently, but everyone can benefit from focusing on making a healthier morning routine. Whether you decide to drink better or treat your teeth right, your extra effort will pay off once you notice your mind and body feeling and working better than before. All it takes is the determination to change what you’re doing right now, so you can enjoy what you do later.

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