How to Look Forward to Working out Every Day

More often than not, people bucket working out into the same category as chores or, well, work. You have the power to change this mentality though. Grab your towel out of the bucket and make working out something you not only regularly do but look forward to completing.

With a few little exercise hacks, you’ll finally get to tell people your workout consisted of more than running away from the gym the night before. See if these tips do the trick for you:

  1. Define Goals and Muscles

You won’t reach your ideal result if you don’t start by setting goals for yourself. What do you hope to achieve from working out? This shouldn’t focus on weight-loss goals, but challenges for yourself along the way. Think of it as a game against yourself. How can you improve upon personal time records or beat your previous push-up count? This way you’ll always put the effort in to beat past records and never want to stop working out!


  1. Pick Workouts That Are Worth It

If you hate running, stop running. Working out won’t always remain easy, but you have the power to make it worth it. Choose workouts you want to continue doing. This plays a major factor in whether you’ll keep going to the gym or your studio class each day. Ask questions to help you decide what exercise routine might suit you best.


  1. Find a Partner

A gym buddy — or an accountability partner, so to speak — serves more than one purpose in your workout regimen. Bringing someone along to a spin class or out on a run means you have someone to chat with while simultaneously motivating you to complete said exercise. Make sure to find a buddy equally as dedicated to their workout goals as you. You’ll both build each other up through understood encouragement.


  1. Look Sporty, Feel Sporty

Who said working out couldn’t involve trendy fitness clothing? You work out for that reason, right? Well, you may not have realized that sporty athletic attire might affect your motivation. Plus, who doesn’t love showing off a new outfit? Buy sporty apparel you feel confident in and rock it the next time you’re at the gym — which should be today, by the way.


  1. Jam in the Gym

Have you ever looked over and wondered what the person on the treadmill next to you had on their iPod queue because they leaked motivation? People tend to listen to music that motivates them during workouts. Think about the songs you might favor productivity from and make a playlist for the gym. You might surprise yourself at how a good playlist could strengthen your workout.

You have the power to own your workouts — don’t let them own you. Two girls in Colorado set #workoutgoals when they combined what makes them happy with working out. Take time to decide what you love and how that could drive your fitness motivation levels. Next thing you know, you’ll love working out, too.

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