The Biggest Risks to Your Health as a Young Adult

We may hope to be young and in perfect health forever, but unfortunately that won’t happen. Even as young adults, there are still a lot of risks to your health you have to watch out for. What you might see as harmless could have some bigger consequences down the road. Here are the risks you need to keep an eye on.

Forgetting to Schedule Appointments                          

Preventive screenings exist for a good reason. The CDC website lets you plug in your age and gender to get a list of things they should get checked for. A woman of 25 has eight things she should get screened for, and more are recommended depending on family history.

If you put off these appointments, you could have an undiagnosed condition that you don’t realize — and you’ll never know it if you don’t get checked out. No one likes to call and schedule these appointments — and they might not be fun to go to either — but they’re necessary. It’s better to go to an appointment now than have surgery or other procedures later on.

Not Eating Healthy

It can be hard to eat healthy, particularly as a poor college student. However, eating balanced meals and getting enough fruits and veggies in your diet is really important. Not eating healthy can lead to obesity as well as heart disease, diabetes and nutritional deficiencies.

You can still have the sweets, pasta dishes and other things you crave — you just can’t subsist on ramen noodles and Red Bull. Those things have to come in moderation.

Drinking Excessively

Drinking alcohol is another thing that has to be done in moderation. Young adults are famous for having parties and binge drinking. However, drinking too much in one sitting or drinking consistently over time cause the most problems with your body.

Moderate alcohol consumption is considered one drink per day for women and two a day for men, according to the “Dietary Guidelines for Americans.” Anything over that isn’t recommended and could lead to health problems later in life.

Tobacco Use

Smoking — and tobacco in general — is super bad for your health. It has both long-term and short-term impacts, so there’s no real way to escape them. Nicotine is highly addictive, which means one cigarette someone talked you into could end up being a lifelong habit.

Bars and parties are filled with the haze of smoke, so you’re probably going to be around it at some point. Secondhand smoke has a lot of adverse effects as well, so trying to avoid those places is best.

While vaping may seem like a better option, it still exposes you to multiple harmful chemicals. It might be more enticing with the flavors they offer, as well as it being seemingly better for you. It’s not.


The millennial generation tends to have more casual sex as they’re putting off marriage for later. While there’s nothing wrong with that, it does put people at risk. You’ve probably heard the lecture a million times, but having safe sex is extremely important — especially if it’s with someone you don’t know that well.

With casual hookups, you aren’t necessarily going to discuss your entire sexual history with each other before you do the deed. That’s why it’s important to take every precaution possible before you have sex. This means condoms, other forms of birth control — the works. STDs aren’t something you want to risk getting.

Don’t wait until you get older to care about your health. There are still risks no matter what age you are. Taking care of yourself now will pay off later.

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