How to Crush Your Wellness Goals This Year

The expression “new year, new me” may be something you are focusing on this year. You’ve created wellness goals that are going to pave the way to the health and body you want to achieve. But now it’s time to put it all into action and you may already be worrying about not meeting those goals. These quick tips will help you crush your wellness goals this year so you can look back on this time a year from now and confidently say “I did it.”

First Things First: Keep it Simple

While you’re already in the first month of the new year, that doesn’t mean you can’t take a moment and evaluate your goals. Do you have a long laundry list of things you want to achieve this year for your health and wellness?

If so, you may want to rethink that. Focus on one to three goals this year and let the rest of your list go. By creating too many items to focus on and put energy into, you are only setting yourself up to failing at least one of those things which may sabotage all of your goals.

Make Sure Your Goals Are Realistic

Once you’ve chosen your one to three goals to focus on, ask yourself how realistic are they? For example, if you want to participate in an Ironman Triathlon, it’s probably not realistic for you to have this goal if you’ve never even ran a mile before.

It’s okay to have big, dreamy goals, but you should put them on your wish list for the future and create realistic goals for the here and now. For example, maybe you say you will run an Ironman Triathlon in a few years and create goals this year around running smaller marathons. Remember, you don’t have to achieve it all at once right now and asking yourself to do so isn’t fair.

Map it Out

You need to have a realistic goal and a date attached to that goal. The date may be by the end of the year or it may be sooner, whichever you choose, don’t make the mistake of not picking a date.

Once you have a date in mind for your goals, break it down by week or month. Purchase a calendar and write down what you need to accomplish each week or month to get to your goal. Map it all out and create a solid plan that you can reference daily if you need to.

Build Your Support Network

Don’t try to go at this alone. Create your own network of support that can include friends or family and let them know what you are doing and why. Ask one or more of your network to hold you accountable to your goals and ask them to check-in with you and see how you’re doing.

You may want to give them ideas of how they can support you when you feel like giving up or don’t meet your goals. It’s not about having all the answers and doing it all alone – the result of meeting your goal is the same either way.

Don’t Quit

Speaking of giving up, don’t. Okay? You may be tempted to just throw all of your goals away if you slip up and have that one chocolate bar. Or maybe you set a goal to drink 100 ounces of water daily by February, and the month comes and goes and you’re only at 50 ounces a day. You feel like you’ve failed and feel like you might as well just quit and go back to your beloved beverages. Don’t! Look at these things as small setbacks and keep going. The end result is worth it.

This year doesn’t have to be like all the others in which you set goals and weren’t able to reach them. Focus on these tips and implement them into your goal planning for this year and you will be able to crush each goal you set your sights on.

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