4 Reasons Why the Athleisure Trend Is the Best of 2016

Let’s face it: 2016 was not a banner year for humanity. Everyone can pinpoint a moment when he or she just wanted to throw in the towel and hibernate until 2017 rolled in.

In these turbulent times, it might have been hard to see a bit of rainbow through the rain. However, we’re here to remind you that there were some good things to happen this year. Well, one in particular:


Athleisure is the beautiful union of athletic wear and fashion so that we can work out almost anywhere, without feeling too underdressed or out-of-style. The many options on the shelves this year prove that 2016 wasn’t all a lost cause. If we have to take something from this year with us into 2017, we know it’ll be snazzy leggings, billowy tops and strappy sports bras that look great in any setting — that kind of stuff has serious staying power.

In case we need a more thorough argument, here are four more reasons why athleisure is the best trend of the year:

  1. It’s Easy to Transition From Workout to Real Life 

    Less time in the gym locker room? Sign us up! Once you stock up on an athleisure-focused wardrobe, you can slip right out of the gym and into brunch, shopping or errands without turning heads in ratty old workout clothes.Of course, if you have to spruce up, you can do makeup and hair without worrying about that one last step: changing your clothes. Just make sure your gym bag is fashionable, too, so that it will easily go into the real world with you.

  2. You’ll Have Less Laundry

It used to be that fit females had twice the laundry: one pile of workout gear and one pile of normal clothes. Now, the two can make one beautiful pile. Even if you transition your athleisure leggings with a sweater and booties, for example, you’ll still be saving yourself laundry on another pair of pants.

  1. It Reminds You of Your Goals

When you walk around in your athleisure gear, you have a very constant reminder of your fitness goals — you’re basically wearing them! You might find, then, that it’s easier for you to make healthy choices throughout the day. Your workout clothes will be a reminder of how hard you went in the gym and why it’s worth it to stay on track.

  1. It’ll Inspire You at the Gym, Too

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look cute while you work out. In fact, for some people, seeing themselves in the mirror and feeling confident about the reflection is enough to fuel a great session. Plus, every time you buy a new piece of athleisure gear, you might just find yourself chomping at the bit to get back in the gym and test it out.

After all, what’s athleisure if you’re not showing it off?

2017: Sweat in Style

Now that you know — or relearned — the merits of athleisure, it’s time to take the new year by storm. So slip on your cutest leggings and sprint at it full-force — athleisure and all of its fans are here to stay!

Here are some of my favorite places to score the best pieces to take you from the gym to happy hour in style and comfort:

Outdoor Voices

Apart from the effortlessly chic look of these clothes, they are made of the most flattering, and movable material you could imagine! Making any piece great for a sweat or shopping sesh. Another huge plus? They sell their outfits in kits, which makes shopping for and packing up your gym gear an absolute breeze.


You’ve definitely heard of this brand before for workout clothes. In addition to offering great sports bras and leggings, they also have some great outerwear options. Throw on one of their stylish jackets and you are good to go, no matter how hard you just went working out.

Sweaty Betty

I had heard so many of my favorite British bloggers rave about this brand, but had no idea that they were available to the U.S.! Some of my favorites from this site are their cool weather options. I love to ski in the winter, and they have so many tops and pant options (in the most beautiful patterns) that are perfect for on and off the slopes.


The best part about all of these brands is that they each share a positive message with their customers and following – of strength, empowerment, and motivation. What are some of your favorite athleisure brands or pieces? I’d love to take a look and add to my ever-growing collection!

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