3 Nutritious Bowls You’ll Want to Pack for Lunch Tomorrow

Put that sandwich down and listen up! No more peanut butter and jelly, no more microwave-heated soup and no more chicken nuggets — are they chicken? — from the fast food chain down the road. This is an extreme makeover, lunch edition, and your lunchbox is the star.

Lunch bowls are sweeping the nation one office at a time. They take virtually no time to put together and even less prep time once you actually clock out for your break. Plus, they look darn impressive and are deliciously healthy. You deserve a dignified lunch, and these three instant favorites may just start a revolution in your office’s break room.

Quinoa Chicken Bowl With Mango Salsa

The chicken recipe in this bowl is versatile, and you may want to have a variation of this for dinner the night before and save the leftovers for your lunch the next day. While the marinated chicken is both delicious and healthy, the bed of quinoa really gives you the protein boost you need.

You’ll love this zesty-sweet mango salsa, too, which can be altered to your taste. Enhance your bowl by adding extra cilantro, avocado or even jalapeño peppers to taste. You’ll end up wanting it for your lunch every day!

Rainbow Power Kale Salad With Peanut Dijon Dressing

If you’re looking for a colorful vegan option that won’t leave you feeling hungry after, this salad bowl is for you. It really is a rainbow of ingredients — with rich purple cabbage, bright peppers, carrots and lush kale and broccoli. You won’t feel lacking in the protein department either, as the chickpeas and peanuts will really help to fill you up.

The best part of this bowl is that you’ll want to keep the dressing you made for your at-home meals, too. Deliciously sweet with a little kick, you’ll want to use this dressing on everything, even as a marinade! If you feel the need to add a little meat to this option, experiment with either chicken or steak strips to really take it to the next level.

Oven Roasted Salmon Rice Bowl

This bowl may actually feel like a five-star dinner. With delectably baked salmon on a bed of rice, you’re already a step above the normal humdrum lunches you’re used to having. But when you line your bowl with the avocados, radishes and edamame, your meal will feel colorful and complete.

Make sure you pack a small container of soy sauce, pickled ginger and wasabi so you can have the full pseudo-sushi experience. Your co-workers will be jealous and think you hired your own personal Japanese chef!

Be Experimental

Once you’ve jumped on the lunch bowl bandwagon, you’ll want to start creating your own recipes. It’s easy to pair items you already have in your fridge and pantry, so try experimenting to find out what works best for you. Make sure you write down your favorite combinations so you remember them later on, or so you can share with your friends, family and co-workers.

It will only be a matter of time until everyone around you is making their own and reclaiming their lunch!

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