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4 Exercises You Can Do at Your Desk

Sitting at a desk all day, every day at work may not seem like a big deal if your job keeps you busy, but have you ever considered the health risks that come along with being sedentary? Work can overwhelm you to the point that all you want to do in the evening is collapse in front of the TV and eat a good meal, so not everyone has a solid exercise routine. If you find yourself in this position, try out some exercises at your desk so you can take care of your body while you work.

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How to Look Forward to Working out Every Day

More often than not, people bucket working out into the same category as chores or, well, work. You have the power to change this mentality though. Grab your towel out of the bucket and make working out something you not only regularly do but look forward to completing.

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4 Treats That Won’t Mess up Your Summer Bod Plans

Chocolate, ice cream, chips and dip, oh my! Chocolate, ice cream, chips and dip, oh my! Chocolate…

That’s the sound of longing during a restrictive fast or renewed plan to make your summer bod happen this time. You’ve been working out, planning your meals and measuring your success.

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The Biggest Risks to Your Health as a Young Adult

We may hope to be young and in perfect health forever, but unfortunately that won’t happen. Even as young adults, there are still a lot of risks to your health you have to watch out for. What you might see as harmless could have some bigger consequences down the road. Here are the risks you need to keep an eye on.

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5 Things to Do to Spring Forward With Your Health

No one likes losing an hour of sleep when we spring forward into Daylight Saving Time every year, but it can be a great opportunity to make some small changes in your life to help you get healthier. Don’t make big changes or big decisions — you shouldn’t make any important decisions when sleep deprived — but there are plenty of small steps you can take to spring forward with your health.

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Best Winter Workouts for Runners

Runners who live in cold-weather states know it can be tough to get in a good run during the winter months. Sure, the most hardcore runners will put up with any kind of weather, but it’s not always safe or practical to do so.

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Technology That Puts Your Health First

Congratulations, the future of medicine is in your hands. How is this possible, you ask?

With the rise of official health apps and virtual doctor visits, you now have the power to truly take control of your own health and medical data.

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